Thursday, January 1, 2015


2014 for our family was a year of growing, learning and healing. If you have kept up my husband had a accident at his job on February 12th, 2013 causing a total Quad tear on his upper left leg. He had surgery, Dr.'s, rehabilitation, IME's, Spine Dr, and lots of visits before they decided he is between 35-50% disabled. During his time after the surgery, he was laid off, and because his job was a trade effected job they sent him back to college. 

While he has been healing he has been attending college while staying on the Presidents list. He did all this while he saw me go months without my Fibromyalgia medication in pain, having no income when ever there was a mess up with his checks, and having a vehicle that had to be replaced just after we put in 3000.00 because it was not going to pass inspection because of rust damage to the frame. Mind you this vehicle had just hit 100,000 miles so we were not happy with the news at all, which is a reason we will probably never buy another Ford vehicle again. So we did what we thought we would never do again which was taking a loan out on a vehicle. 

Oh there were other things that happened during the year but I would take forever to tell you them all. Let's just say it wasn't always easy, but we made it through together. 

Beautiful things that happened this year were the birth of our second Grand Daughter from our second born child, the marriage of our first born Son to his Wife, and our 24-25th Anniversary. Our third child started her Senior year and even though she is all of a sudden not sure what she wants to be she is preparing to go to college. Our fourth daughter started 6th grade with a little hick up with her teachers but I think the school finally has a good teacher for her classroom, and our 5th born child started 2nd grade.

Almost a quarter in they wanted to put her back into 1st grade but we overruled the school and told them if they have to keep her back this year but do not but her back in 1st grade. I have seen what taking a child out of one grade and putting them back into a lower grade can do. I just suggested it to her in case she was OK with it and she started crying because she wants to be with her friends. I told her Mommy and Daddy didn't agree with the school and that was not what was going to happen and she said. Thank you Mommy and gave me a great big hug. So her and I have been working on reading and writing.

Mind you her sister who is 6th grade who has never been held back couldn't do a fraction of what her sister is doing in 2nd now when she herself was there and they just pushed her ahead. I still don't totally trust schools because they seem to make more mistakes in the name of the almighty dollar, instead of really caring about what happens to the children.

I am proud of all of my children for the things they have achieved over the last year, either big or small they are all achievements, and in my opinion they are all worth a standing ovation. Here is to another year of growing, learning, and healing.