Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dinner in Marksville x 3

Have been quite busy so I didn't get around to putting up my posts so here they are. Thursday I went shopping after my husband got out of college. I am a big coupon shopper and I new this was going to be a big order 3 carts actually for $150.00 to be exact and to think this store has triple coupons next week, so excited.

One of the deals we were able to get were Freshetta Pizza's for $3.24 each dinner done for Thursday night, we then stopped to feed the girls, they were home with the stomach flu that is going around these parts. Then after we went to Walmart to pick up a few other things we needed. Stopped by to drop of my Grand daughter Lainy's Birthday Presents, then I had enough time to drop my husband and Deanna off before heading off to Girl Scouts with Dorothy.

When we were done with Girl Scouts, we stopped to get chicken, and apple juice that was on sale at our IGA store. Next was over to do my merchandising jobs, with a quick stop to the Dollar store to finish off the Valentines Presents I have been working on for my girls. Then we made a quick stop to Kmart and took advantage of their 90% off sale, and I found a pair of King Size Sheets for 24.99. Grabbed those because King Size is so expensive.

Then we filled up on gas and headed home, where we had pizza and wings for dinner. I usually do a Salad but forgot to pick up a green to make one with.

Friday was pretty quite, Dorothy ended up staying home again because during the night she started vomiting again. This stomach bug was really holding on. Stayed home and just relaxed with the family after a long week of 3 of my girls being sick as well as one of my grand daughters.

We had Candied Chicken over white rice with green beans and carrots. The only thing I would change with this recipe would be to use less water and maybe even make the chicken pieces smaller. It tasted a lot like the Sweet Chicken my husband likes to get at the Chinese Buffet.

Today came with some snow. Basketball Game was canceled so we just picked up my News Papers, gotta get those coupons. I buy 10 papers a week. Other then that we have pretty much all done our own thing. We are getting ready to have dinner now which is Very Greek Grilled Chicken, couscous with pine nuts, and spinach with garlic and nutmeg. 

I didn't change the recipes so I am just listing the links in the names of the recipes. I will say however that the Green Seasoning for the Very Greek Grilled Chicken I was able to find the recipe for online under Greek Seasoning.

Going to finish the night off with some Rice Pudding. What did you have for dinner?