Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals done at the latest by 2030

I might have this post done at the latest a little past midnight if I am lucky. We had left overs for dinner since there was so much fried chicken left over. We had baked potatoes and green beans with it. Seems like green beans are my children new favorite, although I am lucky they will eat most vegetables with no problem.

In between doing laundry, basketball practice for the girls and doing blogs I have kept myself pretty busy. I have been working on our Goals for 2015, while trying to keep my children occupied the last few days before they go back to school.

Tomorrow they go back to school after Christmas Vacation, and then I can maybe get the house back to normal. The good thing that came out of the Vacation is that Deanna has pretty much turned her room around 100%. It is looking so nice. Now one day while she is at school Dennis and I will paint the one wall and put up a surprise. I kind of wish I took before and after pictures but to be honest I was more then ashamed of how her room looked as well as smelled.

I read a article not sure where if your kids are not in danger let them keep their rooms the way they want them. Well what I have to say to that is if I can not get into their rooms safely if there is an emergency it is a danger to them and myself.

Dorothy's room is next, she has a hard time keeping up with her clothes and we need to find a place for her stuffed animals, you know finish the two rolling dollhouse/shelves that I keep telling you guys about that I have yet to get to. I swear it will be done and there will be before and after photos, just not sure when it will actually happen. We have one for the living room, and one for Dorothy's room. God give me strength.

OK it is time to get back to my reviews I would like to get one more up before I go up to read before bed. Here is to everyone achieving different goals they have set at the latest by the year 2030.

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