Friday, January 2, 2015

" You're acting like a kitten"

I am sitting just relaxing while watching my daughter playing, She asks me what she is doing and I reply " You're acting like a kitten". She says how did you know. Now to answer her I tell her brother used to do it when he was little but most of the time he was a puppy instead of a kitten. 

Actually thinking back I am pretty sure all 6 of my children pretended to be animals of some sort. My children have always had big creative imaginations and no problem keeping themselves occupied. 

I gave my camera to my older daughter for Christmas and I haven't gotten around to ordering a new one for myself yet. So bear with the not so clear pictures for a while. Here are some pictures taken with my iPad mini of Dorothy pretending to be a kitten.

What animals do your children like to act like?