Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics' children's book Review

MarksvilleandMe reviews
The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics
written by 
Micheal Rank

Since the children are off for vacation I thought we would read a few extra books this week, catching up on my reviews, while having extra snuggle time with my girls. It is a win win situation. 

After reading 'The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics' to my 7 year old daughter Dorothy I asked her if she learning anything and the first thing she said was that Hippos can do things just like everyone else. Of course you would have to read the book to understand why she would say that. 

I then asked her if she saw anything different about the Hippo compared to the other animals. She couldn't come up with anything. I said are they all the same size? She said no. We then talked about how some people will make fun of others who are bigger then they are thinking they can't do things just because of their size and how surprised they would be to find out that the bigger person can often do the same things they can, and sometimes even better. 

Then we spoke about situations she might see or come across in real life situations and how she should handle them. This was a good book, a little void of colors but cute non the less. 

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