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Wise Alec

From Griddly Games the makers of Wise Alec comes 

I have been working with Griddly Games for a while and our family really enjoys their games. We have lots of games and if you are like me you may be looking for something new and fresh to play with your family.

This is where companies like Griddly Games come in. They give options out of the box. Brand new ways to interact with family, friends, and your children.

Our girls are really enjoying both Wise Alec Junior, and Wisse Alec Sports Buffs. We not only have fun laughing, but we are learning, and generally having a great time.

Wise Alec Junior comes with 4 different games and believe me you can make so many other games from playing with these it is unbelieveable.

Flexibility is key while playing games with children. Sure they need to learn rules but sometimes changing up play just a bit can make a game go from ho hum to I love this game lets play again. As a parent this is what I want to hear. Money spent on toys that they truly enjoy and want to play with over and over again.

The Wise Alec Sports Buff set is actually an expansion pack for Wise Alec which we do not own, but we are able to play even with out the original game. Don't worry I am working on getting Wise Alec so I can review that for my readers as well. There are questions for young and old, believe me I think the kids knew more of the adult questions then I did. I will stick with the easy one for now so maybe I can look a little smarter next time.

You can Wise Alec Junior purchase here or on Amazon.

Griddly Games is turning kids into little Wise Alecs with a new game, Wise Alec™ Junior™.

The new Wise Alec Junior (MSRP $15.99 for 1 or more players ages 4+) is an edition that is set to follow the successful, award-winning family game path blazed by Griddly Games’ Wise Alec ($25.99 for ages 8+). The new Junior combines four game activities into one package: memory, counting, acting, and recognition. Like its older, but just as wise predecessor, Wise Alec Junior is a know-it-all game of hilarity that combines wit, skill, and action. Wise Alec Junior can be played independently or it can be combined into the full Wise Alec board game version.

Reisa Schwartzman, president and founder of Griddly Games, said. “Wise Alec Junior™ is a game that can bring multiple generations together. When people start playing Wise Alec Junior, they won’t realize they are learning and working on essential life skills because they are having so much fun. This is why it’s great for kids of all ages.”

Wise Alec Junior is an exciting and educational game pack for children ages 4 and up. The convenient, travel-size package contains 4 separate games that combine memory, matching, charades, counting, and storytelling. During the final step, memory and imagination combine as each player devises a story based on the cards that they have collected throughout the rounds.

A former educator, Schwartzman explains, “Teachers and parents love Wise Alec Junior because it focuses on the development of cognitive, motor, and social skills, which is an essential process for young children. For example, charades promotes emotion recognition, and the story telling promotes verbal and nonverbal communications skills. Additionally, Wise Alec Junior enhances problem solving skills, memorization, imagination, and social interaction. With Wise Alec Junior, parents can aid teachers in developing these skills by making ‘homework’ fun for the whole family.”

There are four games included in Wise Alec™ Junior. Memory is a classic scrambled card game that is simple, yet thought provoking. Matching is a “slap” game that combines counting with quick wit and action. The action game has players hilariously act out and guess clues in a charade-style format. The storytelling portion of the game is a collective process that allows players to take their imaginations wherever they may go as they devise a story based on their cards.   

“As we expand upon the original Wise Alec™ concept, we continue to stick to our goal of demonstrating how a great game can bring people together with wholesome fun. With Wise Alec™ Junior, we are incorporating the younger generations. As always, we try to encourage positive lifestyle habits and good manners throughout the game.”

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