Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why a Garden hose splitter?

I never really saw the use for a garden hose splitter until I became disabled. Now I can be in one area while my daughter or husband is in another area so we can get the job done quicker.

Easy to use with valves to shut off or on so you can have more water pressure if you need to on just one hose or share the pressure between two hoses.

Great for quick car washes, washing siding, and even gardening.

You can find this garden hose splitter on Amazon.

What GardenPro has to say about their product.

Unique Design
-You will not find a stronger hose splitter on the market.
-Made from a multi-layered design, combining metal, injection formed plastic and TPR rubber.
-You will NOT break our splitter through normal use and if you somehow do, send it back to us for a replacement

Perfect for Everyone - Completely Easy to Use
-Long knobs (over 1 1/2 inches!) ensure ease of use in all types of weather, including cold and wet environments.
-Rubber coating on the knobs ensure easy and precise measures of water.
-Easily turn the water off and on...even if you have arthritis or wearing gloves.

Dozens of Uses to Make Your Life Easier
-Attach a hose to one side and leave the other side open to clean tools, easily water potted plants and other ideas.
-Get your car washing done twice as fast
-Easily water your garden now with two sources of water
-The possibilities are endless, what will you accomplish with your new hose splitter?


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